CSOs Should Stop Reading Sustainability Journals

For the past ten years, I have made a habit of not reading any environmental or sustainability journals. Any chief sustainability officer (or equivalent) who is struggling to make the business case for sustainability time and time again should do the same. So-called green journals are “the choir preaching to the choir.” C-suite executives are understandably unimpressed by statements quoted from these sources.

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BlackRock Wants to Know your Sustainability Story

For over 20 years, I have been waiting for this moment: the time when the largest mainstream investors actually say that “sustainability matters.” It happened at a recent Conference Board meeting I ran of about 90 chief sustainability officers (or equivalent) of leading Fortune 500 companies.

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Introducing The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard

In my experience, having participated in over fifty Fortune 500 board of directors meetings, there is always one question the independent directors ask: “How do we stack up?”

I developed the Sustainability Scorecard™ for CEOs and board members to answer that question – and to provide C-suite executives with a “framework” for taking action. This simple tool measures progress on your company’s sustainability journey and helps you plan strategically.

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