Charting your course to sustainable innovation and growth

Storm clouds are brewing . . . the storm of the century. This spells trouble for companies that do not respond to sustainability trends. Yet, for companies that read the trends right and respond, a bright future beacons.

The next 15 years will redefine the business landscape. Every industry sector will be disrupted by factors tied to sustainability.

  • Airbnb proved you do not need to own hotel rooms to become one of the world’s largest hotel companies.
  • Alcan spinoff Novelis is dramatically reducing the need for mining (its raw-material) bauxite to create rolled aluminum – using “closed loop” recycled inputs instead. Novelis teamed with Ford to create the hugely successful “lightweighting” of the F-150 trucks.

What is your industry’s Airbnb or Novelis story? How will your company navigate the sustainability transformation?

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Board of Directors Sustainability Support

Many Fortune 500 board of directors have turned to Gib Hedstrom for guidance about sustainability – the risks and the business opportunities.

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Using our proprietary Corporate Sustainability ScorecardTM, we have helped many clients over 20 years to craft a winning sustainability strategy.

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C-Suite / CSO Advice and Counsel

We provide trusted advice and counsel to many chief sustainability officers and their C-suite executives.

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