Board of Directors Sustainability Commitment: A Best-in-Class Example

Sims Metal Management is one of the world’s largest publicly traded metal recyclers. With more than 200 facilities and operations in 20 countries and 5,000 employees globally, Sims has annual revenue of about $6 billion.

To see the best example of “personal commitment to sustainability” by a Board of Directors, look here: Sims’ 2015 Sustainability Report features a Board of Directors Commitment to Safety, Health, Environment, Community and Sustainability.

In the words of Sims’ Chairman, Geoffrey N. Brunsdon: “Sims Metal Management understands, and strongly supports, measures to address the social and environmental issues it faces, both locally and globally. In FY15, the Board signed a letter of commitment to provide unconditional support to management to develop a world-class platform for Safety, Health, Environment, Community and Sustainability (SHECS). We believe that excellence in these areas is vital to the wellbeing of our people and essential to the sustainable growth of our global business.” 

As directors,” he added, “we are committed to being respected and responsible corporate citizens, working constructively with our communities and other stakeholders in the honest and ethical conduct of our business. Through our personal actions and leadership, Sims Metal Management is dedicated to being a company in which our employees are proud to work and shareholders can be proud to invest, as we create sustained growth and profitability.

In the spirit of transparency, I am an advisor to Sims senior leadership and was involved in the preparation of this Board Commitment.