Board of Directors Sustainability Support

Assurance Letter Process

The “Assurance Letter Process” is a well-kept secret. The process is a very inexpensive, powerful tool to drive accountability and performance results. Selected examples include…

Environmental Auditing and Assurance

We bring 25+ years of widely recognized global leadership in EHS auditing including co-authorship of the leading EHS audit books. We founded the Environmental Auditing Roundtable in 1982 (now called the Auditing Roundtable) and served on the first Board of Directors. Today, we help companies reinvent their audit programs to address the new risks they face (e.g., climate change, product de-selection, and water shortages).

Assurance Letter Design and Implementation

Hedstrom Associates brings 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of the assurance letter process. In short, the assurance letter is an annual signed letter from business presidents to the CEO summarizing the status of EHS and sustainability risks and actions. Lawyers may not like this process but CEOs and board members value it. Our clients, who include outside board members, CEOs, and division presidents, have commented on many, many occasions what an incredibly underutilized and valuable process this is.

Audit Program Development and Continuing Assistance

Hedstrom has assisted the managements of over 200 corporations in the development of an internal environmental auditing capability. He has frequently reported to the CEO and the Board of Directors on the status of a company’s EHS audit program.