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Risk and Materiality Assessment

Why is it that many companies seem to spend 80 percent of their time on the least significant sustainability issues? In every industry sector, only one to three major issues represent material impact on investors. Some examples include…

Leveraging Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Sustainability

Most companies have a current assessment of their enterprise-wide risks, which often is conducted by external advisors working closely with the chief financial officer. While these ERM activities often touch on sustainability-related risks, most companies do not leverage this effort in the sustainability space. We have helped major chemical, resource, and manufacturing companies do this.

2016 Materiality Assessment Update

For a global resources firm, Hedstrom Associates currently is conducting a comprehensive materiality assessment. A carefully designed survey targets a wide cross-section of both external stakeholders and internal company employees. Importantly, the company is using this exercise to engage deeply with suppliers, customers, investors, community groups, and employees about the sustainability issues they consider most important.