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Sustainability Goals, Metrics and KPIs

At Hedstrom Associates, we continue to benchmark leading practices in sustainability goals and we work closely with about 100 companies as they consider new 2020 (or beyond) sustainability goals. Examples include…

Crafting 2020 Sustainability Goals – 80 Leading Companies

For The Conference Board, we designed and facilitated a two-hour workshop with about 80 companies to identify best practices in designing long-term sustainability goals. Many of the companies were in the midst of generating a new set of five- to ten-year goals. The output was a detailed set of notes for members of the three member-only councils.

Science-Based Sustainability Goals

Hedstrom Associates is working with several clients to review and revise their (sometimes very recently launched) 2020 sustainability goals. An underlying objective is to bring their carbon reduction goals in line with “science-based” principles. We are also engaging ~80 VPs and directors of sustainability who are members of the Conference Board councils that we direct in discussions about science-based goals.

Reputation Metrics

We advised a multinational company on measuring and enhancing its environmental performance in a way that met the needs of key stakeholders; and we helped the company build on this guidance to improve the management of corporate reputation.

Long-Term Sustainability Goals

A Fortune 250 company asked Hedstrom Associates to participate in an internal team developing new five-year sustainability goals. Drawing on our experience as a founding member of the Global Reporting Initiative and our insights gained from working with many other companies, we provided what the client called “extremely valuable” support. The CEO accepted the team’s proposed goals.