Board of Directors Sustainability Support

Board Meeting Presentations

Over the past 25 years, Gib Hedstrom has been invited to participate in over 60 Board meetings of Fortune 500 companies. Examples include…

Board Presentation and Training on Sustainability

In 2016, a major global information technology company asked Gib Hedstrom to meet with its Board Governance Committee. This Committee had been receiving annual updates on “corporate social responsibility,” but at the last meeting they decided they needed additional training and counseling on the subject.

Sounding Board for Annual CSO Board Updates

Many clients (Chief Sustainability Officers, VPs of EHS or equivalent) provide a periodic (typically annual) update for their Board of Directors. They often ask for our review and comment on their draft slides. Because we know many “tricks of the trade” about how to engage board members effectively on sustainability, we can offer concrete examples and suggestions based on experience.

Full Board Meeting of Major North American Utility

In 2015, the CEO of a major North American utility invited Gib Hedstrom to lead a one-hour discussion about sustainability with its full Board of Directors. Following that presentation, Gib joined the Board and executive team for an evening and a half-day scenario planning exercise. The purpose of the exercise was to determine how the company would respond to future disruption in its industry, while being able to meet the ever-increasing demands of its stakeholders regarding its sustainability performance.

Honeywell (AlliedSignal) Corporate Responsibility Committee

Twice a year for seven years, Gib Hedstrom joined the full (~two hour) meetings of Allied-Signal’s Board Corporate Responsibility Committee. Gib was in the boardroom for Larry Bossidy’s first committee meeting upon becoming CEO. As the last agenda item of each meeting, Gib met in “executive session” with the outside directors.

Ashland Board of Directors Support

Gib advised the Board of Directors of Ashland Inc. during a time of massive transformation in the late 1990s. At the time, Ashland’s businesses included Arch Coal, Ashland Petroleum, Ashland Chemical Company, Ashland Distribution, and APAC (an asphalt paving company).

Full-Board Sustainability Update

Our client, the Vice President of EHS and Sustainability at a $20B manufacturing corporation, asked our help in preparing his annual sustainability update for the full Board of Directors meeting.

Board Sustainability Expert

Gib Hedstrom recently was asked by a $10B chemical company to provide a 45-minute external report on “Sustainability: Update, Trends and Implications” for the Board of Directors meeting.