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Business Case for Sustainability

In working with Shell in 2000, we conducted the first comprehensive analysis of the sustainability business case. Examples include…

Quantifying the Business Case: Over $100 million in Savings

In 2016, a major multinational company needed hard numbers to convince the executive leadership team and the Board to invest in energy-saving technologies during especially difficult economic times. The business case was very clear: modest investments would result in over $100 million in cost savings over the next five years.

First Major Business Case Study for Shell in 2000

Toward the end of a five-year series of consulting engagements with Shell (1996-2001), Gib Hedstrom and Arthur D. Little colleagues developed a comprehensive report on the business case for sustainability. The results of this study, published in Arthur D. Littleā€™s Prism, provided the foundation for dozens of subsequent research projects on this subject. The basic business case is depicted below.


Business Case for Sustainability

A major global company asked Hedstrom Associates to help a cross-functional team determine the business value of taking a proactive stance on sustainability. We benchmarked leaders in the industry by using our ESG Navigator to rate the client company and its competitors.