C-Suite / CSO Advice and Counsel

Sustainability Coaching and Training

Much of our time at Hedstrom Associates is spent on one-on-one coaching and support to chief sustainability officers, VPs of EHS and Sustainability, and members of the C-suite. Examples include…

Sustainability Training

We are frequently asked to conduct sustainability training sessions for groups of employees. Drawing on our experience in conducting many hundreds of training sessions over 20 years (in environmental auditing, environmental management systems, quality, and sustainability), we combine critical elements of theory with practical examples of corporate action and active participant involvement in small group exercises and group discussion. As certified Natural Step trainers, we combine the fundamental principles of sustainability with our years of practical experience and insight into corporate actions and best practices.

Environmental Training

Over the years we have conducted hundreds of training sessions in various aspects of environmental, health, and safety management. These include: environmental auditing, environmental management systems, and beyond compliance training.

Organization Transformation

Hedstrom Associates brings 25+ years of experience in helping companies transform their environmental organizations to provide maximum value to their businesses. We have led organization assignments with over 50 companies to deliver the right value better, faster, smarter, and at less cost than they did previously.