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Trends Tracking and Analysis

Through use of the latest technology and deep contacts at NGOs, we help clients keep their finger on the pulse of emerging issues. Examples include…

ePulse Data Tracking and Analysis

ePulse is a technology and service offering that helps clients stay up to date on current news and emerging issues. While ePulse can be used for virtually any subject, at Hedstrom Associates we use it primarily to deliver targeted and timely intelligence on global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) trends and corporate responses. Working with several clients for the past four years, we provide reports that help them:

  • Keep their finger on the pulse of emerging ESG developments;
  • See relevant changes as they are made to selected competitor (and other) websites without having to trawl through those sites to see if anything is new; and
  • Selectively override the laborious process of reading journals and searching the web for competitive insights and emerging issues, thus saving money while improving their competitive intelligence.

ePulse is a proprietary technology of Krupp Consulting Inc., one of our partners at Hedstrom Associates.

Strategic Environmental Issues Analysis

The president of a multinational chemical company identified “environment” as the number one (high impact/high uncertainty) driver affecting the business. We were asked to review a broad range of issues posing potential risk and opportunity. The results directly influenced the company’s strategic plans and investment decisions after approval by the Board of Directors.

Tapping Our NGO Network

We have an amazing network of sustainability leaders. Through our work with The Conference Board, we are in constant contact with sustainability leaders at ~100 multinational companies. At Hedstrom Associates, we have strong personal connections with the top NGO CEOs. We tap this network to understand the very latest thinking on a range of resource and sustainability-related issues.